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Seat cover for Honda Grom

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Seat cover for Honda Grom
- made from Polyester 6 mm. of thickness
- air mesh allows air to pass through for great ventilation / better heat resistant if parked under extremely hot sun
- smooth, soft and comfortable / high-elasticity
- easy to install just wrap over your seat, with 2 velcro straps
- seat cover has been treated with Nanotechnology for hydrophobic properties

Hai Yent seat cover (Thailand)
Address: 188/237 Suthathip 9 , Kho-Hong, Hat Yai, Songkhla 90110 THAILAND
Telephone: +66-74555294, Mobile: +668-94676225,
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: mocyc-cool seat

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- made from polyester with 6 mm. of thickness
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"IF" I read his FaceBook price list properly "430 Thai Baht {THB}" converts to $13.06 or $14 USD.

I am sure postage is not included in this price.

At that price I just asked for:
a total price for 3 seat covers....shipped to USA

Since I will probably ride a lot this summer and often park outside,
I expect to wear them out...
I also wonder if two on at once will breathe and protect original seat cover even better.
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Anyone using this in warm weather. Does it work?
Looks very very similar to the Takegawa seat cover I have. I live in south of Spain and it gets hot here. This thing really helps your balls breathe!
Post is over 3 years old. OP posted twice
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Thanks Morti! Think I found the one you are referring to. Will give it a try
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