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So as with the Driven rear sets, this install is long over due.

Amazingly, it was a very fast install.

Once you get your current bars removed, it took about 8-10 min to install.

Very straight forward and easy.

Scotts made a very trick 3 piece frame bracket that greatly reduces installation time.

The parts all fit like a glove. The Machine work is amazing.

Yea, it's definitely, not cheap. But, good quality products usually aren't.
And of course, if this damper saves you just one time from a headshake or a high side....... then it probably paid for itself.


It's finally 60^ out today, so we got to go out and test drive it.

This is probably our 10th bike with a Scotts Damper installed, and like the others, it worked perfectly.

Much more confidence in the front, no wobble or head shack, when the Front tire skips off the ground, or lands back down.

It does exactly as it should.

Most Adjustments will be made with your hands. Swept control of course requires a small flat head.

It's a straight forward easy to use damper.

Here is the Installation VIDEO :





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