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Santa Claus riding groming around Houston Christmas morning

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Went to Houston to spend Christmas with family….and took the grom.:love-struck: Bought a hat and beard thingy at Walgreens Christmas morn and rode all around the Galleria area and up and down Westhimer. Had a blast, people loved it, not many cars were out yet…lots of hooliganism going on.
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Dang Cisco, you are dialed in brother! Nice.

You and I ( and some others )really enjoy getting out and enjoying life! Ya know..... we are not promised tomorrow.
I'm guessing this is E , it was a last minute trip and yes I thought about you as I was dragging my knee around the pond at the transco tower lol
I know that cloverleaf well :anonymous: in 83 with my ninja 900gpz and again in 91 with my ZX11 and then in 2000 with my ZX12R. I'd run it just enough times to not get caught, then I was outa there . LOL
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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