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I'm not affiliated with the organizers, just spreading the word:

This weekend they're having supermoto and mini races at Qualcomm. I'll be there with my Grom and hoping some of you guys will come out too since this is right in our backyard.

May 10th race day info.
Practice scheduled to start at 9am and last main scheduled to start at approx 6:30pm. With BBQ and bench racing immediately after supermoto main.
Each rider will get 4 practice sessions, 1 qualifying session, 1 heat race and 1 main. Thats more track time then you'll get anywhere else. Contact Sean [email protected] with any questions, comments or concerns.
You can hit up their Facebook page, too.
1. Drill and safety wire oil drain plugs and filler caps – may substitute with silicon sealant or equivalent one time. Always inspect your bike before coming to tech.
2. No leaking fluids of any kind; oil, water or fuel. No loose parts.
3. No antifreeze in cooling system; water wetter or equivalent ok. No substitutes.
4. Carburetor, overflow fuel lines, radiator overflow hoses and crankcase breather lines should be routed into suitable catch containers.
5. Number plates must be securely attached and be easily read from 50 feet.
6. Remove kickstand, and any lights – mini classes may retain kickstand if secured. (Street Classes may tape up any lights in substitute of removing.)
7. Brakes and tires in race condition, no loose spokes, flat or damaged tires.
8. Throttle operates freely and smooth.
9. Wrap around style hand guards or comparable bar sliders are required on bikes over 100cc.
10. Properly mounted peg sliders and devices that protect the racing surface such as axle sliders are required at most tracks and are HIGHLY encouraged.
11. Only bikes/riders legal for a class may enter.

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