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I know this is kind of a controversial topic depending on who you ask but im curious on everyones thoughts on running E85 on our Groms. I have a 2022 and have been running E85 for a while now. I have a 160cc 8 hole injector, CJR bigger fuel line thats E85 compatible, aRacer Super2 with my own map (about 1 part richer across the board with some extra timing despite my high compression bbk) and with aRacer I obviously also run an AF2 wideband module. I monitor my temps and afr with a Sport-D display. Im curious what everyone else that's running E85 also runs to support it as well as how they go about tuning it. Im considering getting a separate wideband specifically for E85 also
Any time you run E85 you only experience gains if you add timing, do not worry about your compression ratio because E85 does not care, it is very resistant to knock. There are certainly a lot of dynos around your area and you do not need to limit yourself to a motorcycle shop with a dyno as many "car" dynos can run motorcycles. I have tuned several bikes on a Dyno Dynamics "car" dyno and they are a far better brand for accurate readings and consistent readings that a dyno jet which every motorcycle dyno I have ever seen was. If you do not add timing when using E85 you are not making any extra power and are actually losing power. Any time you increase octane rating without needing it, you lose power. I tune high hp engines all the way down the low Grom engines. I have about 350 dyno runs and testing on just the Groms.
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