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Ruckus 50 top speed?

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Since there's so many ex-Ruckus pilots here I figured this was as good a place to ask as any. Broken in and box-stock--without doing any "cheating" like crouching down, running it down a hill or any modifications--what's the top speed on these little buggers with the rider sitting upright? What will they comfortably cruise at?
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I think the Geniune 2-stroke 50 goes 50 mph tops. My Metropolitan with the same engine as the Ruckus has a top speed of 35 mph indicated on level ground, no wind. If I were to get another small scooter, it would probably be the new Hooligan 170i when it comes out in a few months. It should do 70mph since the Buddy with the same engine does that.
Was it a met2? A met1 will outrun a ruckus from a stand still but both only run about 40 from the factory, I've seen some wonders do mid 40s (and some do mid-high 30s)
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