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Don't mind the messy garage. Got a couple in there of my other 2 wheeled vehicles in there too. Getting a little crowded...

Here's the list:
Airbox Mod (with an inner fairing cutout)
Yoshimura RS-9 full system
Yoshimura Fender Eliminator
-2(front), +1(rear) sprockets (I can clutch second gear wheelies now!)
Axle Sliders front/rear from Tyga
CF front fender from Tyga
CF tank cover from Tyga
CF side panels with mesh insert from Tyga
CF lower panels from Tyga
HID light

For the side panels with the mesh insert, I actually cut out the plastic behind the inserts with craft knives to make the mesh functional rather than cosmetic. I also riveted the side panels and the lowers because I wasn't satisfied with the double-sided tape since the panels weren't the exact shape of the stock ones (pretty damn close though). I honestly feel that it looks better with the rivets. Some of the rivets were barely long enough, so I'm sure I'll end up drilling them out at a later date to be replaced with longer ones.

I've got a few more things I want to do to it in the future. Most pressing is finding a mirror that doesn't look like mickey mouse ears. lol


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