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Well decided to do the real Grom rain tire test since we were having steady rain down pour this morning.

First of the Grom Vee tire is ok for full steady rain, no problem stopping or starting but I wouldn't dare lean it over in the sweepers on WOT.

Now for the rain results, dam the design of the Grom was made to catch maximum water to your crotch area and the front fenders are like your shower head pouring water onto your shoes/boots. My shoes and sock was soaked.

Word to the wise if you are going to ride in full down pour get a good pair of those yellow rain gear that have the seams double glued at the hem line because most of the water will come through those point and also the crotch area. I use to buy those yellow rain gear that Costco use to sell and I get a size up so I could use my full protective riding gear under the rain gear.

Do not buy First Gear Kilimanjaro model if they still sell them, what a piece of junk for riding in the rain. The gear gets wet and it sags on your body and the crotch area becomes a swimming pool for your nuts. I was soaked.

Stay away from these

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