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Replacing Shift pedal... any tricks or gotchas?

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Took a little spill on the grom on the dirt (fortunately)..... scratched the headlight and the front left turn signal... was able to disassemble and get everything straight but the shifter is a little bent... still drivable but would like to soon replace it.... any tips from anyone that has done it already? Looks like a cheap part that I can order online or thru my local dealer..... any help is appreciated....
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before you take it off, be sure to mark it's location on the splines, if it's not already marked. I had to take it off to have my rearsets powdercoated and forgot to do this which left me with a few tries to get it's position correct. *I think* it had a snap ring to get the linkage off of the rearset and having a snap ring pliers made it much easier.
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