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Figured I'd share my experience having just done this yesterday.

What you need:

1) DMV FORM REG 343 Application for Title or Registration REG 343

2) Title

3) Know the location of your VIN on the bike. (Pg.96 of your manual)
A) Turn handle bars left, right there stamped on the right side of frame.
B) Get low and look underneath, but above the engine. There is a sticker on the frame with the vin.

4) Know the location of the EPA sticker. Located on right side of swing arm

5) Know the location of the Engine Number. It's right above the left rear set. It looks like a small square with perforated numbers/letters. Make sure to clean it before going to the DMV, they had a hard time reading it and almost didn't register me because they couldn't read it/didn't want to bend down low enough to read it.

I also brought with me: Bill of sale, previous out of state registration certificate, Orange Honda card with VIN/Engine #, dealer info. They didn't ask me for any of these, but knowing the engine number saved me big time.

The Grom is EPA certified in 50 states and CA. So it is legal to register. If they try to tell you otherwise, they don't know what they are doing.

The Process:

1) Arrive at the DMV earlier than your appointment to get your vehicle verified. You can just go directly to the line without talking to anyone inside. There are 2 lines of cars outside, one is for driving test, other is for vehicle verification. I Just pushed the bike into the line and waited. This may vary depending on location.

2) Once your vehicle is verified, you go inside get your number. Pay tax, and you get your plates/stickers on the spot.

Hope this helps.
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