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Rear Shock Recommendation

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Hi all. Looking to replace my rear shocks with something just a tad stiffer and without the red springs. Black works fine for me. I see that Man in the Box has some standard looking ones (TB shock set) but they appear to be on backorder.

Can anyone steer me to a quality set that I can get going with? I'm 195 pounds if that helps narrow the field. I'd be willing to wait a bit if those Man in the Box ones if they are ultimately the best choice.


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I've got these fitted to my Monkey. I'm 100KG and they are spot on. Never bottom out and the bike handles great, so much so that I haven't yet upgraded the front.

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I’ll check them out, thanks.

I just bought these 340 mm shocks on ebay. The model wasn't listed but I'll post it when they arrive. I currently have a shorter pair that are all black installed but wanted red springs like OEM.

Edit: The model is DTG-PLUS RB220-340T-38-85P

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Kitaco ones are cheap and better than stock.
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I ended up with the TB ones for $109 and I'm very happy. Surprisingly good quality and instantly noticeable improvement. Not to mention the Black looks sharp on this bike.

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