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Rear Shock Interchangability

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Do the shocks from other bikes fit the GROM?

Are there any with similiar measurements?

Just what ARE the measurements?

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I'm going to put my gsxr1000 stock shock on it it'll work perfectly.

Heres my deal. I am old and seriously f'ed up. I get back spasms when I ride a motorcycle with a stiff rear suspension. (currently I have an ST1300...a very smooth riding motorcycle) Problem is its too big and heavy for my age ravaged body.

As I understand from the people on this forum, the GROM has a stiff rear suspension. So I want a softer riding shock like my ST1300 has.

Do you think the shock from your Gixxer is a smooth shock or a stiff shock? Thanks for any help!
I'm totally BSing about the Gsxr shock. Who knows a darned thing about the suspension untill they ride it.

You need this, Honda Deauville - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yep, that'll do the trick. I bet you could pick one up for the same cassish as a grom.

Ill buy your st13000, tell me all about it.
Oh man!

Unfortunately I have a lot of experience buying bikes I cant ride and I hope youre right but Im pretty sure the shock on the GROM isnt going to do it for me. If it does...great!

Sorry but the ST is SOLD. Not gone yet so I'll keep you in mind.
if Daytona makes shocks for it (i'm sure they will at SOME point) They always make soft ones too so that may work for ya.
Thanks I will keep them in mind!
If my back was jacked and I wanted a small bike I would probably go with a Yamaha TW200. It is very similar in size to the Grom, same seat height but a bit longer and it will start with a much smoother suspension.
Thanks I will consider it.
also, I think it would be a better platform for a trip to AL.

Youd be suprised what you can do with a moped.
Thanks, wasnt sure if it was AL or AK. Anyway, yes I have seen those types of threads and posts and trips. I thought it was pretty cool a few years ago when Greg White and a buddy crossed the US on a couple of Yamaha 50cc scooters. I have been all around the US and Canada on a bike. If I were going to do it again on a "small" bike I would go with the TW200 or CRF250L or something similar or a 150cc scooter so I could be fwy legal and have some storage. But that is just me and what I would do.

Not at all putting down you plan and I am hoping you post lots of photos.
Heck for a small bike almost any of the small bore dual purpose bikes would be "soft"
Yeah TW200 is MUCH softer sprung, fiun good mpg lil bike. Had one for awhile, all hollow modded. stock gearing top speed was 70 and it DID NOT like it. I pulled off the freeway VERY quickly and never got back on, ha ha. first gear is uselessly short and one could probably go with a bit smaller rear sprocket to gain mph up top yet the motor isn;t too strong. Fun lil bike tho, and got looks EVERYWHERE I went.
What does "all hollow modded" mean?
similar to this, lemme see if i can find pics of my actual tw

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you basically remove most if not all plastic, move the battery and electrics, change the lights and bars. often times folks put street tires on and or extend the swingarm.
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Nice TW! I really like the board track bars! :thumbsup::glasses10:
Thanks! Yeah as weird as those bars were they were dead set comfy on that fun/funky weird lil bar hopper ha ha. sold it for a healthy profit though so don't miss her THAT much ha ha.
similar to this, lemme see if i can find pics of my actual tw

Mert... you A-HOLE! Now I want one of these. LOL I have never seen one like this, super cool. About what does it weigh once you do that to it?
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