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Rear Shock From Cogent Dynamics

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Here it is compared to the origional.


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Same lenth.

Definately improved overstock but Ive only got 16 miles on it.

Call/email Cogent for info 828 628 9025 google Cogent Dynamics.

Perhaps with orders the price will come down?
I have never seen an Ohlins with grey anodized shock bodies ,and just because the spring is yellow does not mean it has anything to do with Ohlins( race tech is yellow ,but it's not that either). It looks nice but what spring rate is on it ? Ohlins uses a yellow or natural bump stop. Not poo pooing just making some general observations.
The spring does in fact say Ohlins on it. IM not sure about all the details like spring rate. But if you ask Cogent Dynamics IM sure they will answer all questions! The internal workings are custom designed for my application. This is a custom built, one of a kind, for me only build by somone who builds shocks and forks for professional racers for a living.

I hope to be able to get Cg to release details but they are very busy and the owner is just recovering from a get off at the track and is behind in his work.
The shock appears to be working for me! 30 miles so far. I will kow more this weekend when I go for my 100 mile loop.

Weather looks good! : )
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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