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Greetings all. Got my new Grom a month ago and got 700 miles on it so far. Passed my Class M test last week and having a blast. Did a few mods. Might upgrade the fork next.

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Beautiful! Can you give us some details on what parts you have put on?
Did everything myself. The only thing that was a pain was changing the tires. Used some woodworking clamps to break the bead.

Mirrors$ 60.00
Mirror plugs$ 12.49
Bars$ 37.69,aps,60&sr=8-121#customerReviews
Grips$ Renthal G176 Black/Gray 32 mm Full Diamond Soft/Firm Compound Sportbike Grip : Sports & Outdoors
Leavers$ 34.99,aps,73&sr=8-97-spons&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUFGV1JYUDAwQlJHM1YmZW5jc
Throttle pipe$ 14.51
Front Turn Signals$ 15.99,aps,58&sr=8-16
Turn Signal Adapter$ Kuryakyn 2835 Kellermann LED Lighting Turn Signal Adapter Kit for 2022 Honda Grom, Gloss Black : Automotive
Signal Harness$ 14.95
Tail Light$ 123.98TST LED Integrated Tail Light | Honda Grom 2022+
Plate holder$ 39.59
Horn$ 12.64
Grab Bars$ 33.84
Oil Cap$ 10.30
Exhaust$ 275.00,aps,205&sr=8-11#customerReviews
Intake$ CHIMERA BLACK Short Ram Air Intake for 2022-2023 Honda GROM RR Only, CH-1249 : Automotive
Rear Shock$ 209.00
Front Tire$ 63.98,aps,65&sr=8-2
Rear Tire$ 76.05,aps,65&sr=8-2

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Thanks Mtinman. Any Groms near Frederick MD? This guy is near me:
I recognize the roads.

Anyone have any experience with a fork rebuild such as: OHLINS FORK Cartridge Kit for 2022-2023 Honda Grom RR Brand New Model (incl. 2 Sets of Springs, Billet Alum. Fork Caps), FDK112 : Automotive

I am wondering how noticeable the improvement would be. Not going to race it, just want feel a bit more stable and planted in the corners. I weight 175 lbs.
Just put in a motion alarm on my Grom. Works Great!
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I just zip tied it to the frame. Super loud.

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Is the crime that bad out there where you are at? Your neighborhood (and your Grom) look so nice, I guess I assumed that it wasn't... Of course always better off safe than sorry. I have seen several reports over the years here regarding stolen Groms, kinda like the Honda Accord of motorcycles.:rolleyes:
Fairly low crime where I live and ride but I am a bit paranoid. The Grom is so light its easy for some clowns to just throw it in a pickup or van. The little cheap motion alarm took ten min to install and only cost $18. Works great and nice piece of mind.
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Hey, just wondering how tou like that Zoom exhaust, how loud is it (in db) standing next to the bike at idle? Also, can you change the oil without having to remove the exhaust?
I like it - I installed the Chimera before the Zoom exhaust and the new intake make the bike sound much more throaty and a bit louder. Never tried the Zoom with the stock intake. I first ran it with no baffles - sounded like hot garbage and way too loud. Backfired like crazy. Added the optional baffle and sounded way better. The idle is very nice, not that loud at all. Its a little louder then I would prefer but not by much. Nice and quiet at idle and low RPMS and not too taxing keeping it wide open for longer rides. I had my adult son ride it around our neighborhood at low and high RPMS to see if it was too much for our neighbors and it was not that bad. Sounds louder on the bike, even with the full face helmet on.

I was also concerned about changing the oil. On Amazon answers someone said they just removed the exhaust and it didn't take that long. I did my fist oil change with the new Zoom exhaust on and put a piece of tin foil around the Zoom canister and that worked great. I shaped the tin foil to channel the old oil into a pan. Worked great, the Zoom did not get in the way of removing or replacing the oil drain plug.
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Thanks for the reply on that, and one other question - is that a Pro Taper handlebar set, or just the crossbar? I didn't see that in your cost sheet. I'm thinking of getting the PT handlebars, just not sure which ones yet, I already have a set of SE's (Seven-Eighths, or 7/8") on my CRF, and I love them, they are super sturdy, and much lighter than the stock bars...
Full bars

They were $37.69 when I bought them but they went up in price. I love them. Perfect width and height. I also like how they match the rest of the bike. Very light weight and seem plenty sturdy. The stock bars are surprisingly heavy.

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The bars were easy to install:

Per the YouTube link above, I marked and drilled the holes in the new bars. It took about 20 min and the holes are right where I want them.

The new bars are much lower. They are also a bit wider then stock. I am 53 years old and find the new bars much more comfortable than stock. I also feel I have better control and the bike feels more planted with the new bars. I used to race bicycles and do long 200 mile bicycle rides and I still ride so I am comfortable in a aero position for long periods. I am also only 5' 5" tall so I can still sit upright with the lower bars. With the little power the Grom spits out getting low adds about 5 to 10 MPH to the top end.
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