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Rant alert !!!

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Bloody, fugin fugin fugit shit bollox assholes.........

Placed an order with Tyga Europe on Monday.
All going well for delivery today.....Yaaaaa 3 days delivery, well impressed
So I waited in.........All frigging day for it.

DHL Tracking: 07:52 Out for delivery today (Thursday)

DHL Tracking: 17:32 Item refused by recipient.

Well NO ONE tried to deliver anything here.
Of course when I tried to contact Customer Services they had all fuked off home.

Why does this SHIT always happen to me......
Rant over

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Damn Dog that sucks ... I tracked my GPR pipes from Italy all through the steps and was at the bar when the notification came up "Unable to deliver: tenant not home" so I called them at 3:30 on a Friday and they turned the truck around and delivered in my arms.

Better luck tomorrow eh?
Weird, DHL just gave me a bunch of stuff from Tyga that I did not order. Hmmmm. :)
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Wonder why they said it was rejected unless they went to the wrong address.
Weird, DHL just gave me a bunch of stuff from Tyga that I did not order. Hmmmm. :)
ass lol
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I had something similar happen with the iPad came out. Was supposed to be delivered on Sat via UPS. Well, they delivered to the wrong apartment complex and no one was home. Had to wait until Monday.. I was sooo pissed.. I feel your pain man!
The worst is when it says Delivered and it is no where to be found. Had that happen when I had a present delivered to my mom and they delivered it to the Apartment complex across the street. Luckily she was able to walk over and show her I.D. and get it.
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I had that happened when my power pures were delivered.

My normal ups guy came at 3pm. but he didn't have them. So i checked the tracking around 4:30pm to find that ups said reschudled for tomorrow because business was closed at 4:05pm! I don't leave work until 5pm everyday!!!

in the end, it doen't matter because my tires on still sitting in my garage. I didn't know that it a motorcycle shop to install tires! or DIY!
More F**^%&*(UUYHH*$^**ing

Well I have spent most of the day trying to track down my delivery
No one seems to have it.
It is definitely not at my local depot, having driven 50km to check.
It seems it was in Paris on Wednesday, but it never reached my local depot at Angouleme
So have to assume it has been lost/stolen/destroyed/fallen off the lorry.......
Now of course I have the added agro of contacting Tyga Europe to try and get them to resend.
I was hoping to have it for this weekend, but I'll be lucky too see anything by next W/E....

I think I need a drink.......or 3..

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