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I got a AR full system and I am planning to get either a Chimera or Dingerbuilt air intake.

I found that a lot of people say that the power commander v or power vision 3 is a bit of overkill.

I can only find 1 person in my country that reflashes the stock ECU and its almost across the country.
So I looked at some other options and found things like:
  • I-Map Kitaco
  • Boosterplug

Now I don't know A LOT about what all this does but I know that I need one :)
If the DynoJet products are overkill I would rather pay a bit less for an other working option.
(For what I know the 2 options I found are not even the things I need :D)

I hope someone can help me if the 2 options I found are decent and most important do the job, or should I just buy one of the DynoJet products.

Thanks in advance!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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