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Every Thursday Santo's Market in Japan Town San Jose gets a shipment of Hawaiian food and Poi so that the locals do not feel home sick and miss their local food so I decided to go down to Japan town to pick up some poi and visit my friend who own's ukulele resource. After picking up my poi and visiting my friend's ukulele shop and jamming on a new portable Yamaha amp I decided to stop by a cheap ass Japanese restaurant called Happi House and ordered one plate lunch to eat and one to go. Going home I decided to stop by my favorite place to pick up some TP and other small items and now my Grom carry load got kind of overboard.

Taro Poi fresh from the islands

Stop by Happi House restaurant and got two Katsu chicken plate lunch, two for $11.99 with coupon

Yep my payload of bags and stuff included my gym bag

Had to hide the TP I bought inside my green military bag
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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