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Pockets full? Fixed!

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I went on a search this weekend for the best tank bag I could find for the Grom. Forget about magnets. Most of the ones out there use them. I found this one made by Cortech. It is small but so is the mounting area that can be used. There is a clear pouch that will allow you so see a map/directions on most smart phones (tested with iPhone 5), iPods and the like. It has a small opening for running your headphone cord through as well. The other pocket will hold a few basics including smaller pockets for documents. There is enough room to hold a dozen condoms (chicks/dudes love the Grom depending on your particular persuasion), a pack of smokes (if you smoke when you are done scoring), a pack of goldfish crackers, compact pistols (Sig P238, LCP, Glock 26 barely) or similarly sized objects. Things that don't fit include garden gnomes, coffee cups, BBQ tongs and my dog. You might find other things that don't fit either. Cortech Micro Motorcycle Tank Bag - Black / 10" L x 5.5" W x 1.5" H: Automotive

The good:
No more packs of goopy, warm smashed gummy bears in your pocket
Handy place for storing your ricin
One quick release clip to access your fuel cap
Two more quick release clips to remove the bag and take it with you
You won't look like Ma and Pa Joad hauling everything you own while escaping the Dust Bowl

The bad:
It doesn't seem to be water-proof
You can't take your pet alligator with you (it won't fit but wife says rear fender is large enough to strap a 400lb gator onto)
If you are a tank-humper, it may chafe a little (but you would have to be trying REALLY hard)
I don't think the clear pocket is large enough to run a charging plug for a phone (later mod)
I can't find it on Cortech's site so it might be a discontinued item



Side view

Red dog? Red Grom.

Wife's pink Ruger LCP

Sig P238

Glock 26

I also installed the battery tender/charger harness today.

Let's Ride!
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i almost pushed the button but my modified glock 27 doesn't seem like it will fit.!
If you have a plus 1 mag plate, it won't fit. Flat standard plates just barely squeak in.
Groms are about peace, not pistoles.....
Maybe we can meet in the middle on this one and say Groms are about fun. :redgrom:

This was about an accessory for the Grom to carry things that people need to carry while riding. Hopefully you can ignore the parts that don't apply to you in the future. I didn't cover tampons or marijuana carrying capacity either so maybe I can work that into my next review to make sure everyone is being looked after. :smile:
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Thanks! I have a couple more items on the way for install and review. This bike is gonna bleed me dry.
I still like mine but after 1 month of use, I see a section that has started to come un-stitched. It is still useable but I am a little disappointed. To be fair, I have been overstuffing the compartments a little. It is still handy and not too big to be in the way.
You can, just takes some effort and living in the right County.
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Do you happen to be in San Luis Obispo County? I think you can get one there.
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