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I realize now after further research that the part I listed on bikebandit is just the OEM bar end. What is not listed and which I'm missing is the OEM plug/thread in the handlebar itself that the OEM bar end or my new R&G sliders should screw into. Since I haven't got that I think my only option to install the R&G sliders would be to buy a new OEM handlebar! I think that's too much trouble for what it's worth. Back to the drawing board then for bar end sliders.

Hi folks,

So I just bought these bar end sliders for my 2015 Grom..

The problem is after I took off the current bar ends, which look like aftermarket ones for bar end mirrors the previous owner had installed. I found that for my new bar end sliders there's no thread inside the bars for them to screw into...(The aftermarket thread came out of the bar and that doesn't fit the R&G slider) . I guess the aftermarket ends the previous owner installed replaced the OEM thread that was there before? I'd like to install these new R&G sliders but I need help identifying what I need to purchase in order to install them.

I was just looking at bikebandit and do you think I need to buy part number 6 from the diagram shown below?

Would I then have to take off the current handle bar grip, install part number 6, put the grip back on and then I'll be able to install the new R&G bar end?

Thanks in advance.
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