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Pirelli Diablo : Go to hell !!

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Just wanted to share my experience about the Pirelli Diablo scooter tires,

I bought them about 3000 km ago, at the beginning it was fine, more grip than the stock tires and more comfortable (but any other tires would have done better than the stock tires).

Right now after about 3 or 4k km, the tires are total crap, it's incredible how fast they became "sh**ty", i slide in every "real" turns, emergency brakings are so scary, hard to explain but the bike is so unstable, what is surprising is that when you look the tire actually you can't really see that they are fucked up, you can see that they're a bit old but it's not so obvious, but when you drive it, oh yes !

So my next tires will be Michelin power pure or contitwist, and as i'm "old school" i will just never buy any other pirelli tire of my entire life.

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My Diablos handled GREAT on my GSXR600 and my F4i. Laid it down, kiss a little knee, straight line, whatever. They road good and stuck great.
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