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Pictures/video from the first week

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So I have been on this forum for a long time, and did not have the money to reserve one of the first groms into the states.
I put down money at the beginning of winter with my local dealer, and saved up the money while the snow was thick on the ground.

Spring was hitting us from day to day, and the snow was gone. Call the dealer only to find they cant even give me a date.
So I start the hunt elsewhere, and find a used grom with 17 miles in black for 3,400.

I Canceled by dealer order and picked this up on april 18th after a 2 hour drive out and back.
It hit 95 miles in 3 days, and I had a blast racking on the miles.
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Day one I drove to a buddys, and turned some mile around town. Acting a fool along the way.
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After a lot of street mile i ended up at a local indoor go kart track for some bike racing.
The stock setup left me in last, but with some mods I can see racing it next winter.
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This week I only got it up to about 130 mile total due to some snow.
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I also had some issues with the battery dying the day after riding the indoor go kart track.
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Some Pipe sound video. IMO its too load at riding RPMs.

Video taken this morning after riding into work.

I might add some more video later of the go kart track, and the stupid things this bike tends to do around town.
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thanks for sharing your video

Ride safe and happy Easter
can't wait til next tuesday i'll have mine too! looks so much fun.
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