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Just bought my Grom and absolutely loving it, this is my first "bike" and it is perfect for my needs. I have become a bit addicted to modding it so I will post pictures as the parts come in and I get the time to install them. Here is a shot of the bike as it stands now.

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Mod List:
  • MNNTHBX fender eliminator w/ LED lighting
  • MNNTHBX shroud brace w/ removed air box
  • CBR600RR replacement LED blinkers
  • 14T front sprocket
  • Composimo RaceBarZ
  • Composimo 2.5" lowering link
  • Composimo stretch kit
  • Rotated throttle body with K&N air filter
  • Removed charcoal canister
  • 3" bar end mirrors
  • Complete white plastics set including tank grilles

Ordered parts:
  • Moriwaki polished stainless exhaust


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Today while removing the charcoal canister I realized that the throttle body can be rotated so I went ahead and did that. The filter is now away from engine heat and exposed to all of the fresh cold air in front of the bike.
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I also installed some bar end mirrors I picked up off eBay for $16.
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