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Peg Brackets Any Way You Like!

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I decided to powdercoat my peg brackets as seen below, and instead of waiting to get my brackets back, I bought a brand new set and had those powdercoated. So now that they are done I am offering my old set for sale. I started to polish them one day so they are semi polished on the faces. I can have them powdercoated for you if you like. You can even choose the color.

As Is - $60 shipped
Powdercoated - $100 shipped

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I thought this was a thread for custom rear sets, or custom foot pegs for the stock set.
I have some footpegs on the way that I am taking a chance on. I will post up once I get them on.
I've been waiting patiently to see what people think of them first. I've seen many from the same seller on eBay kingofsoap, but recently had a so so bad experience with him shipping parts with very poor packaging.

Other websites from Europe I've seen MSX rear sets for sale too, and it deletes the passenger footpeg too. Might be good for BlueRidge!
$199 Euro

End - Sorry for thread jacking..
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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