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Paint Vs Buy

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I'm thinking of changing the plastics out on my Grom. I sort of have a picture in my mind of what I'd like it to look like. My question is whether it would be cheaper to paint the current plastics or buy new ones. If I paint, I'll probably go with a matte grey. If I buy replacements, it'll be white. Anybody have any suggestions? I know Tyga has the white plastics priced around $220 plus shipping. Are they cheaper elsewhere? How tough would it be to paint the current black plastics?
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I've been told to expect to pay about $300 to paint the Grom with a nice glossy finish.

Now, if I had laid it down and had some scratches and wanted a flat grey, I would do it myself. Lightly sand it down. Fill in the scratches with a skim coat of bondo. Sand that down and spray bomb away.

I always heat up a bowl of water in the microwave and then set my paint can in the warm water for a couple of minutes. Shake the warm paint up well and spray away.
Yeah don't put the spray can in the microwave. You might end up painting most of your kitchen! lol

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Plus I'm hoping to stay married.

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