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Ordered my Grom tool kit spare flywheel and oil spinner and gaskets, cheaper online

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decided to get the missing Grom tool kit and some other parts for my future Grom which I'm waiting for. The extra flywheel and oil spinner will be sent out to be lighten as part of my Grom engine mode. I bought the parts from Babbitts Honda since my local Honda dealer in Northern Calif have increased their Honda Grom parts prices.

Ordered more parts for the Grom, delivered to my door in San Jose Calif via UPS

GASKET, R. CRANKCASE COVER Item #11394-KYZ-900 $4.66

GASKET, L. CRANKCASE COVER Item #11395-KPH-901 $2.95

ROTOR, OIL FILTER Item #15431-K26-900 $26.52

FLYWHEEL (MITSUBA) Item #31110-KYZ-711 $50.17

Item #89013-538-000 $2.95

SCREWDRIVER (NO.2 PHILLIPS -) Item #89102-538-000 $2.95

SPANNER (8X10) (ATC) Item #89211-KWW-601 $2.95

SPANNER (10X14) Item #89211-KWW-640 $2.95

WRENCH, SPARK PLUG Item #89216-KVB-930 $2.95

BAG, TOOL (160MM) Item #89219-KGH-900 $2.95

WRENCH, HEX. (5MM) Item #89221-429-000 $3.39

Subtotal: $108.34
Salestax: $0.00
Shipping: $20.54
Order Total: $128.88


The oil spinner and Flywheel will be sent out for lighten via jc250r31
Below are the prices for lighten your oil spinner and flywheel
Pricing Spinner Alone $55.00
Spinner with No Core $105.00
Spinner and Flywheel $105.00 (this is with you sending in your cores) 1 Day Turnaround
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So, you basically made your own tool kit by ordering pieces from another Honda motorcycle tool kit? I'm thinking of doing that now. Been doing a lot of long rides and having one will make me feel better. Lost a turn signal bolt on my last ride so I need to go to the dealer anyway. I'll ask for prices where I bought my Grom.
Okay cool. I'll ask about it this week. Not sure of the reasoning for removing the kits either. All other scooters and motorcycles I have owned had a tool kit. My '09 Yamaha wr250x came with a little plastic container with a tool kit inside. The plastic container is oem, not sure if the tools were included originally since I bought the bike used.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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