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I like the OEM gold rims so much that I ordered another set of OEM gold rims from Tyga and I also ordered another set of OEM rear plastic and a Grom tool kit from them since it would be the same shipping price for all the parts via UPS coming next week.

Here is the good news the spare REAR OEM RED plastic will be sold and also the Grom tool kit will be sold at Tyga price plus if you decide to kick in a few dollars to help out for shipping it would be ok. I only will sell to Bay Area Grom owners, meaning SF, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Cruz, etc. You have to email me or PM me and the first one who does will have the option to buy it.

The Gold rims are not for sale.

If you decide to buy you have to come and pick it up and make arrangement of date and time to get it, no check, cash works.

Aloha and ride safe all.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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