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Purchased from
Comes in two colors, anodized red or blue.

Approximate length with adapter is 4-5/8".
35mm diameter analog gauge face
Auto part Water Vehicle Car Engine

What u won't like:
No oil level markings.
Typical stainless probe that may or may not make a good surface for marking the full/add lines, though I'm working on a method.

Chinese quality type piece that let's you see the oil temp at a glance via an analog gauge.
Loose fit threaded adapter tightens down with a 21mm wrench and seats well with an o-ring.
10mm x 1.0 probe threads in with a 14mm.

Decently priced piece for checking your oil temp at a glance. But don't expect much more than that.

Don't try and tighten using the gauge rim as I was able to move the scale up/down. I have it pretty close after fiddling with it but temps should be regarded as approximate with this piece.

Seems to work reasonably well. Took the bike around for some parking lot riding
Approximate ride time 10mins.
~40°C on my return.

After gauge calibration, took the bike for a 5mi ride on 25mph residential stop/go streets and returned on 35mph arterials.
Approximate ride time: 10mins
Temp climbed to ~75°C.
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