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Having a bit of a nightmare, decided to service my Grom and clean out the oil spinner, when putting the gasket back on I put a little threadlock round the 3 bolts and finger tightened them in but the spinner started to turn when trying to torque them up with the torque wrench so put a penny toward the back and slightly to the right to wedge a cog to stop it moving however I'm guessing the threadlock had set in that time or my torque wrench is useless because although I had the torque setting to 12nm the bolt sheared! I just hand tightened the other 2 bolts up and the spinner metal cap seemed pretty tight and flush to the spinner so thought it will do for one journey to my trusted mechanic to sort out. However when I've started the bike and rode it to the end of the street the engine is making a very noticeable ticking sound :/ any idea what this could be? Is it ok to ride for about 5 miles?

Worried I might have done bigger damage by wedging a penny into somewhere I shouldn't have (yes I removed it afterwards).


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