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Well..... I've only put 2,000 miles on it since the repairs were finished. But I can tell you right now that I love it! I can cruise @65 sitting upright on flat ground. Max top speed so far is still 83 downhill but I know it can go faster, just haven't pushed it that hard again. I typically run 55-60 on mine and @Hairless adventures. The best part though is the torque down low, you can slow way down in 4th gear and still not need to downshift to gain speed. My gearing helps with that too, but it was mostly the hi-comp piston.
I'm looking to restore some lower end power/torque after CJR Stage 2 (intake, TB cam, exhaust). Did a track day on the weekend and would have preferred to stay in 3rd but needed to downshift for a few turns to be able to power out...

Researching the DHM high comp piston now. Don't think I want to go BBK just yet... I will do 4th bearing (Tyga has good lower cost option) and crankcase venting I think too. Kitaco clutch cover and oil cooler are ready to go on too.
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