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OHLINS is here ! (Rear Suspension)

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We all already know the suspension is less than adequate but these are "playbikes" with bicycle suspensions... Time to make a motorcycle out of it.
The stock shock in all it's 1" of travel might is only 10oz lighter than the adjustable piggybacked Ohlins. wOw - So the stock shock is quite heavy for doing nothing.
Install was quick and painless. Ride is pure heaven. This little shock shows how bad the front suspension behaves.
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tyler... Ohlins is a worldwide company, and has worked to produce the Ohlins rear shock for the MSX125 in Thailand well before the Grom was announced to come to the USA. It took a little while for the 'OhlinsUSA' branch to get a hold of them unfortunately, but that is thanks to Ohlins headquarters in Sweden or something-or-other... lol! Its the same company, but it takes a long time for things to propagate.

The rear shocks are pretty much identical to those being sold out of Thailand, except they are being sold out of the USA, and thanks to not having to import them, cost a lot less and can get to you REALLY quick. OhlinsUSA is right around the corner from us, and so getting anything modified or serviced can be super easy as well.

Another nice thing about working with OhlinsUSA and ComposiMo, is they DO have alternate spring packs available in case you need a stiffer or softer spring than it comes with normally, and since we do powder coating here at ComposiMo as well, you can request the spring to be changed to Black, etc instead of "Ohlins Yellow" before it ships to you if you don't care for the yellow spring ;)

P.S. We'll ship worldwide, just contact me for proper shipping quote.
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Wow loaded... that was not my intention at all, but thanks n stuff for the additional plug... lol! I have nothing against Tyga, and didn't purposely omit their name for some dastardly scheming plan to promote me only... but he just asked how Tyga got theirs before the US market did (so the Tyga name was already being mentioned). Didn't realize i HAD to mention Tyga or i'd get berated by someone. I just was giving a very simple answer as it related to Ohlins. I love what Paul and Tyga are doing and have done... Paul helped me get the MSX in the 'States, and i am running a lot of Tyga parts on my bike. Absolutely no reason for you to try to show there being any drama or anything between us. I wish i could do more business with Tyga, but i'm a parts manufacturer first, and not a reseller for other parts (with a couple of exceptions to help some friends out). In fact if you are looking for a great source of Tyga parts in the USA, check out Moped Motion... i've been able to source Tyga parts through them quick and easy for my own bike.

That being said, they are in Thailand, and this is in the USA, so of course i will promote the USA equivalent of the Ohlins product... its the same Ohlins company, same product, available here in the USA through their Ohlins USA headquarters, which happens to be right around the corner from my shop so i'm able to work with them very well on this and other things.

Anyway... back to your regularly scheduled forum :p
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All i know is that the OhlinsUSA branch has my front forks in their hands... So hopefully sooner than later... but they do have their hands full at the moment with the racing team requirements, as well as their yearly open house event they are doing this weekend.
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