These are 2 brand new OEM Honda Queenbee yellow panels - Please note that queenbee yellow is DIFFERENT from the USDM Marigold yellow OG Grom color. QueenBee is lighter with less orange in it. The queenbee has black rear panels and silver "boomerangs" - see the picture below!I purchased these to do a MSX125 build, but due to unavailability of parts overseas (I tried several sources), I decided to go Marigold, but landed up selling the Grom. I am selling my whole Marigold yellow set as well. I have no use for these, I paid way more than asking - maybe someone else has use for these?

Located in Des Moines, Iowa and if you want to pick it up, we can meet up.

Again, these are BRAND NEW, not even test fitted! I sold my Grom before I installed these and don't need these anymore.

I can list these on eBay if you want any sort of buyer protection. I am Paypal verified. I can do goods and services.