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Well, woke up this morning to an email notification from the seller stating that the item has been sent out. Had a tracking # but just like tracking USPS, very limited info.

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I sent him an email and got this reply. I thought I would share.

Dear tyler,

We will be listing a whopping amount of things but its tough given the selling limits being that we are new to ebay. We will be listing all the items we will be selling very soon on a new website currently being made. Things such as...

Race cams (2 specs)
Race valve springs
titanium retainers
complete ready to bore in kits
simple plug and play 52.40mm high compression piston kits which i droppen in an msx last night. pretty good!
larger valve race heads
race stroker cranks
stroker pins
close ratio gear sets
cnc rearsets
cnc bar holders
cnc bar ends
cnc engine covers all round
number plate illiminators
range of performance exhausts
oil coolers
yoko wheels
dress up bolt kits
cnc adjustable levers
throttle bodies full custom bigger fully polished versions
cnc axel end covers
side fairing mesh vent sets
the list goes on.. Stay tuned....;)

- bsdakunar

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Yet when you check the sellers page he doesn't have any of the headlights for sale
i had emailed the same seller and he told me yesterday that his collegue would have 3 to sell too but none were listed.

checked this morning and there were 3 listed this morning just as he had stated. they went fast and i bought the last one for $28 shipped

Honda MSX125 Grom Headlight Assy Thai Model | eBay
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