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OEM fuel pumps from Honda bikes

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This is my first post in here so forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong place.

I'm mid rebuild on a takegawa 181 2v.
Ive ported the head, home job 😬, have upgraded fuel line, 34mm TB from a Honda 300 scoot and an aRacer ECU with wide band o2 sensor, and a whole lot of other parts for power and reliability.

I've got a larger 10 hole injector in the mix too, and a range of other oem 300cc Japanese scooter injectors to try, too.

While shopping on Yuminashi I found an uprated fuel pump with with around 50psi peak fuel pressure, while the stock one may be around 39psi.

The fuel pump on Yuminashi appears to be an oem pump from another bike in a stock pump assembly, so that got me thinking, what oem+ pump would be a straight drop in and a damn sight cheaper than making another Yuminashi order for £143 plus shipping and import tax.

The aftermarket replacement pumps for the '17 Grom SF also cover the Rebel 300, CBR300, Rebel 500 and CRF250 and 300 but nowhere anywhere is pressure mentioned.

The only information I've found on here about this is the recall pump that was fitted to OG Groms at recall, and I'm not sure if it's compatible.

I can't find a part number for the SF fuel pump to cross reference to other bikes, only the fuel pump assembly, which is only for the SF.

Can anyone offer any experience or advice on oem Honda pumps that are a straight fit and offer more pressure to support a larger injector?
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Just looked and the stock pump for your 2017 would cost $130 if I shipped it within the US. That looks like the baseline for cost. For my 2015 I bought a CRF250RL pump, and rearranged the connector so the pump motor wasn’t running backwards (LOL). I think your pump is configured differently from mine so different pumps will work on yours than mine.

Speaking from my own experience, make sure you get a look at the gasket and electrical connector shape, and figure out what all the wires go to before you put the tank back on the bike. I just went on Partzilla and located part numbers of 200-300cc bikes’ pumps, then googled the part number to get a better look at the shape of the rubber gasket.
Thanks man, that's really helpful. Definitely gives me a go to pump to look at as well.
The rubber gasket on your bike and mine is different, which means the pump I listed probably won't be a drop-in fit on your bike. Unfortunately, I'm not easily finding any 200-300 cc pumps on Partzilla that use the o-ring seal that 2017-2020 Groms use, because in 2017 Honda switched the pump format to the one that the PCX150 now uses. It's too bad because for my 2015, the CRF250L, CMX300 Rebel, and CRF300 use the same gasket. However, my tinkering has shown that you can mix and match pumps between Honda bikes if you know what to look for.

Another note about pumps is that the pump has to be able to properly mist the fuel with the injector it is connected to. That is why I switched the pump on my Grom. If you have a tiny pump and a big injector, what happens is the fuel pisses out of the injector in sort of a globular dribble, and doesn't burn efficiently. The pump may be rated for a high pressure, but if the injector holes are too big, you'll never reach that pressure because the fuel leaks out faster than the pump can supply it.

Perhaps you can use a pcx 150 pump and pcx 150 injector together. Those would fit your tank, but I don't know if they meet the peak fueling needs of your big bore setup.
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Perhaps you can use a pcx 150 pump and pcx 150 injector together. Those would fit your tank, but I don't know if they meet the peak fueling needs of your big bore setup.
With a really big injector like the one you mentioned before, I don't know if the PCX150 pump will allow it to mist the fuel or not. Fortunately, a PCX150 injector is fairly cheap ($20 - $40) and worth a shot.

16700-K1Z-J11 - pump
16450-K0S-V01 - injector. This injector squirts a lot of fuel at wide-open throttle, which caused me problems with my stock bore, but may be helpful for you. If by some insane chance it also produces too much fuel for your big bore at wide-open throttle, you could try the previous one, the 16450-K36-J01.

Another note is that you can search the part number of the gas tank O-ring, 17572-GHB-601 on OEM part suppliers
, and do some digging for what bikes use it. Their pumps should fit, and you may find more on sites other than Partzilla.
Definitely gives me a go to pump to look at as well.
How has your research gone? Did you find anything I missed?
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