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Not a great start :(

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Hey All, well, I was hoping to join the community with happy posts but unfortunately my Grom experience started with a hiccup.
Long story short - got a brand new 2023 Grom, 0 miles, buying experience was pretty good start, called dealer, had bike I wanted, good price, good color, came in and was out in literally less than 30 minutes with a new toy.
Noticed small scratching noise coming from front fender area when rolling bike from garage, ok so maybe just brake pads not bedded in yet, maybe something grabbing piece of plastic as others pointed out, ok, can live with that.
Second, third, forth ride in, noticed increasing loud grinding screeching noise coming from everywhere and grinding pulsating feel in rear brake pedal. Seemed like a defective chain at first because it had different slack at different spots, so I scheduled dealer to take a look, waited 1 week just to bring it in, brought bike to dealer to inspect and they said there is a problem with hub, I quote "rear hub was not put together correctly at the factory so it rotates with offset, etc, warranty case." Week to get it, week to get parts, couple days for repair etc, so now I have brand new bike with "legendary" honda quality with less than 100miles which spent by now 2+ weeks being broken. A real bummer I tell ya :(
Just a humble vent out :)
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That sucks. But the good news is after the hub fix you should be good to go with a bike with no side effects from the repair. it should be a very straight forward fix for the dealer to handle. Welcome to the Grom world!
Thanks all for warm welcome, got it back from the dealer today, they did fix the issue and it is no longer doing that at least for 30 miles that I rode it after picking it up. Hopefully it does not hold anymore surprises.
I do have couple questions maybe someone can help with it, just so I get better understanding what is a problems and what is not.
1 - When coasting toward red or when going through my own neighborhood 20mph, I hear ever so slight chirping of front break pads, if I lightly touch from brake lever then chirping goes away, when I release release - it comes back, is this suppose to be normal?
2 - When riding at any gear, the chain (or sprocket) seem to make chattering noise, it goes away if I roll off the throttle even a tiny bit or press clutch. I do have feeling that it is normal and explained by chain links hitting sprocket teeth, but should that persist even when rolled off throttle? Asking just to make sure if I need to keep an eye on any bearing noise near transmission output shaft area?
Thanks all,
Since you have an established relationship with the dealer you just bought it from I'd take a ride there and present your concerns. Any dealer worth their salt should provide that kind of support for a customer that just bought a bike from them. That's what they're there for, take advantage.
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