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Northern Calif Grom buyers 2014, where did you buy your Grom

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This post is for Northern Calif, Bay Area owners ONLY. In the new year 2014 where did you buy and pickup your New Grom since Jan 2014. It is now March 2014 so lets see who in Northern Calif got their Grom. I'll start

Jan 9, 2014 Hollister Honda, Red Grom, 3 miles on the ODM when new, now 441 miles on the ODM
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8/22/13 San Jose
yea from gp and paid 4300 OTD
I dont see it as a bummer paying 4300 i got it early and i paid for that. I dont need a chain since i dont leave the bike unattended when im out. This is a toy that i take out to ride and play with its not a commuter for me.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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