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Hi, i think it's finally time to join the forum. I bought my 2015 Honda Grom in yellow at motorcafe in Sunnyvale about 3 1/2 months ago. I paid it off the first night seeing as how I wanted to have this be my "fun" bike. A little history about me is I've been riding for quite some years and my current stable as far as motorcycles goes is a Honda dirt bike and a Ducati 848. I bought the Ducati for the track and the Grom for the lot lol.

As for the bike, it started out all stock. It stayed stock for about three weeks. First thing I did was autodip the stock wheels gold(they are now red),
-Fat gold handlebars with risers
- Front axle sliders
- Chimera intake kit
- Tyga carbon fiber instrument cover and mini shield
- Carbon fiber side vents
- Upgraded headlight bulb to a PIAA
- headlight guard
-bikerbitz reservoir cap
-SC exhaust
- Motion Pro Rev2 throttle kit
- front fork gold preload adjusters
- seat strap removal
-LED flushmount blinkers
- Yoshi fender eliminator kit

These were all mods that I had to buy. About a month into the ownership of this bike, stunting sounded really fun. So guess what I started learning!! I had my good friend over at SHARK CITY FABRICATION in San Jose make me a custom full crash cage for my motor and fairings and a rear subcage for protection and passenger pegs. The cage has added a bit of weight seeing as how it's the first one he made but I'm sure more power or a sprocket change could help.

future modifications: Handbrake/dual caliper bracket
-improved Subcage design(we are working on making a adjustable one)
-upgraded Ohlins shock
-steering damper
-MORE POWER (with reliability)

Just picked up some more goodies from some very reputable shops! First thing that was on my list was a handbrake. I ended up going to PERFECTSTRANGERDESIGNS, I had a bunch of questions and they were very helpful throughout Facebook chat and even told me about the group "Grom Stunters". Anyways, Ordered the complete dual caliper bracket with Brembo RSC master and Brembo P34 as my secondary caliper for the rear handbrake. Back-ordered for two weeks unfortunately. Other items picked up and waiting to be shipped are:

- Takegawa Super Oil pump
- Kitaco Silver Clutch cover kit
- Gojin Swingarm Sliders
- New 420 colored chain, and 14/37T Vortex sprockets
- New Brake/Clutch levers
-C4 Revolutions Idle Adjuster
- Michelin Power Pure Tire set in stock front and 140/70-12 in the rear.
- Kitaco 50% stiffer springs
- Billet Spring Plate

Thanks for reading!


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Gratz! I'm out in the Valley (Manteca), so not too terribly far. Should definitely get some NorCal get togethers going. I'm totally down to tow the Grom out to the Bay to ride. I'm not able to ride until about April though (that's when I should be healed from shoulder surgery).

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Yup. I'm always riding no matter the weather, so feel free to hit me up whenever you're ready. We should have a mini bike meet and ride soon! @old goat ninja
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