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Hello, new guy here. I have a 2018 Honda Grom SF with 651 miles.

I installed a Kitaco Clutch Cover this week, along with a Takegawa Super Oil Pump, Hard Racing Billet Clutch Plate, and EBC Clutch Springs. Running Motul 300V 10w40 oil.

Install went well. Instructions were followed exactly. Everything single bolt was torqued to spec. Clutch free play was adjusted. No surprises.

When I ride the bike I hear a whining sound. I could hear it when wearing my helmet, even over my exhaust. At first I thought it was kind of a whistling/jet engine sound, but now after riding the bike on my street with my helmet off, it sounds more like gear noise. It is only heard with the clutch engaged. Gets louder as speed builds. With the clutch lever pulled in, the sound is not there, regardless of what the engine rpms are.

While installing the new components I noticed 2 things.

1. The Takegawa Super Oil Pump had a lot of slop in the drive gear. It wobbled and sounded like it would rub on the back of the oil pump housing. I don’t know if that is normal for these pumps. I wasn’t super impressed.

2. The bearing fit pretty loose in the Hard Racing Clutch Plate. Like the whole bearing could spin inside the plate.

Not sure if either of these two things could contribute to the noise. Seems unlikely the oil pump would have anything to do with it, because it is always turning, whether the clutch is engaged or not. Not sure about the bearing though.

Any thoughts? I think I read once before of someone having a similar issue. Can’t find the thread though. I could have read it in the comments section of a YouTube video.

I don’t think the noise was there prior to the upgrades. Unfortunately, I don’t have another Grom to compare it to. Could a gear be damaged? Is it normal?

Thanks for any help.
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