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I recently did a complete overhaul of my 2022 Grom. Had the case split and replaced my crank, reassembled everything and got the case back together. I swapped out my stock clutch for the sec machine racing 6 disk clutch pack and already had sex machine racing 60% stiffer springs and a chimera lifter plate. My problem now is that I put the motor in (no jug or head just lower case) and had my clutch assembled and tightened down but when I put the cable on it it pulls the mechanism on the clutch cover with 0 residence. Bearing is in the lifter plate, plunger is in the clutch cover, the pressure plate is lined up in one of the ways that fully seats to the basket but when fully installed it looks like the washer stops it from seating fully. I’ve been at this for 2 days and can’t find a solid answer as to what’s causing this. Does anyone have any insight on this problem?

(the 2 photos side by side showing the clutch pack assembled in the basket on the table show how it sits with and without the washer in the basket. The lower sitting one is no washer but looks to be what I would think is closer to what I’m looking for)
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