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Placed a deposit on a 2014 Honda Grom (Red). Expected delivery in January or February right in the middle of winter when there is sure to be salt and ice on the roads and feet of snow in the woods and fields. So I'll be riding my 2009 Yamaha Nytro XTX snowmobile until the warm winds of spring begin to blow.

Keeping the Grom all stock and quiet so I can stealthily strafe all the local back roads with no one being the wiser. Grom on!
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A fellow NH rider! I haven't purchased my Grom yet but will be in the next month/couple months. What dealer did you buy from? Price OTD? I've spoken to both Freedom Cycle and Nault's Powersports about it. I think Nault's told me he has a couple coming in in January, and quoted me $3505 OTD, and Freedom told me they're wayy backed up and should have them in April for about $33xx OTD. I am beyond impatient to buy one of these things, but I know if I get one soon, I won't be able to resist riding it, and will inevitably get it all dirty and salty and will possibly even dump it in slippery conditions. So I plan to talk with both dealers and see what kind of deal I can work out with them, maybe I can negotiate a better deal if I'm not in a rush. We should ride sometime when we both have our bikes!
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