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Most of the spark plug threads here are for big bores or setups where the stock heat range is too hot. NGK also has an iridium in the stock heat range that does not tend to cross-reference with the stock plug, CR6EIA-9. I went with heat range 6 because most of my riding is commuting: low engine load, short run times, moderate weather. Here is an NGK decoder that shows exactly what each character means.


Others tend to run colder plugs for higher output, higher load applications.

Here's a side-by-side of the stock Denso and the iridium NGK

20190622_151302.jpg 20190622_131217.jpg 20190622_131134.jpg
One other note, this will not perform differently than any other suitable spark plug in any perceptible way; Claims of crisper response, stronger top end, or other benefits come from either replacing a severely worn plug with a new one, or, the placebo effect.

A good reference for what the heat range really means and why you want to get it right for your application is found here:
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