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Hi all,
My name is Steve and I'm from the UK. I've been a big Honda fan for several years now, my last few vehicles have been a heavily modified '05 Civic Sport EP2, a mildly modified '02 Jazz GD1, a Zoomer and now.... the soon to be owner of a lovely red MSX125. :redgrom:

I've been riding my Zoomer for just over 9 months now and although I love the little thing, getting anywhere on it takes major time. After taking my CBT (compulsory basic training) last Sunday I'm now allowed to ride anything up to 125cc.
Although I love the practicality of a scooter, I'm prepared to sacrifice that to have a little fun. When I first read about (and saw pictures of) the MSX125/Grom, I knew I had to get one. :love_heart:

Anyway, on Tuesday I took a half day holiday to go down to my local Honda dealership for a test ride on their white MSX125 demonstrator (with Tyga carbon exhaust). After sorting out a bit of paperwork I was out on the road and spent the next hour taking in a mix of town and country roads, riding on hills, flats and some nice twisty sections.
Man, it was so much fun, I just couldn't stop myself from smiling.

When I got back to the dealership, my mind was 100% made up, I had to get one! Well, I already new that I wanted one, but the test ride sealed the deal, lol.
Ideally, I would have liked a white MSX (to go with my Zoomer), but as they only had a red one in stock and it would be many months before they would be able to offer me a white one, I decided to snap up their red one. I can swap the plastics at a later date, so it's not really a big problem...
So, within the next hour I had placed a deposit, chose a registration number and set up the finance. The MSX is now officially mine!
Later that afternoon I sorted out and paid for my insurance and emailed it to the dealership. If all goes well, I'll be picking it up on Saturday morning.
Can't bloody wait! Hahah, so excited!!!

Here are a couple of photos of my MSX:

I'm already thinking of mods. The first has to be a Tail Tidy to remove the ugly (in my opinion) rear fender.
I've seen a few on the market, but the best designed so far has to be the ComposiMo Tidy Tail, trouble is, I can't seem to be able to place an order on their website as I don't think they post to the UK.
If anyone knows otherwise, or would be happy to purchase one for me and ship to the UK it would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, it's time for me to get to work, so I'll have to leave it there.
Looking forward to having a good browse through the forum to see what you all have been doing with your own rides.

See you around,


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Ah, that's a shame, it would be nice to find someone local for rides etc.

You don't want to swap your plastics I suppose?
My red for your white? Please?... Lol

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Yeah, always the way lol.
You on Facebook? Search for
'Honda MSX125 UK' group there's bound to be somebody close to you.

Ahhaa not a chance. Yes it's a bugger to keep clean lol but I love the white.

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Ah, damn.... That's a shame about the plastics. It was worth a try i suppose, haha. :D
I actually quit Facebook a few years ago, but may sign up again to see what's going on there.

I've just had an email from the Honda dealership. Everything is all set for tomorrow, one of their engineers is going to pick me up at around 9am.
My wait is almost over....

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I picked up my MSX from Honda this morning, left the dealership about 10am and took a slow/gentle 20 mile ride home whilst keeping the revs below 5000rpm.

Here are a few photos of it shortly after I got back:

Shortly after taking these photos I trimmed my L plate down to make it smaller, re-positioned the handlebars further forward, then did the air box mod, removing the internal pipe, the mesh screen and turned the intake snorkel round so if faces forwards.
Going out for another ride in a minute, going to get a few miles under my belt. :redgrom:
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