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New MSX member

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Hello all of you !

This is a very interesting forum and I am glad to be a new member of this .
My language is Nederlands , I am from Laakdal Belgium .

First I was looking for an old 4 stroke HONDA SS 50cc . These days it is difficult to find such a thing in a good condition.
When I saw the Honda MSX , I knew that's it ! A simular motor and that typical sound ...!
It is just a small fun bike and I enjoy it very much !

The MSX was complete original with only 111 Km . In the last months I have done some small modifications. It is a little bit lower now...

Best regards,


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Welcome to the forum every time more and more Europeans join the forum !! dope bike you got.
By the way no rear turning signs allowed in Belgium?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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