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Guys & Gals,
I'm a new member to this forum, but not to motorsports. I currently own a 1984 YRZ385 Yamaha, a 2012 Kawasaki Ninja1000, a 1965 Ducati 160XR, and a 1946 Whizzer motorbike, and I'm waiting for the next 2 weeks for my 2014 red Grom. I purchased the Honda Grom for a couple of reasons. First it will be a blast to ride around town, probably the worlds best Pit Bike. Secondly, my company, Sheridan Racing Design, is going to produce components for the bike, primarily from the crankcase up. My professional background is prototype engine design, and cylinder head air flow research. From some of the posts, I can already tell that there is going top be a need to help with technical issues, and I'll be glad to put in my 2 cents, when it makes sense. A good example are the discussions about the larger injectors. Unless there is a wide band O2 sensor on the bike, it's almost impossible to correctly monitor the mixture though out the RPM range. There are so many variables, cranking compression, cam timing, displacement, that to say that a specific combination will always work, is just nonsense. Just valve lash can change the cam timing enough to throw off the fuel burn rate. So, I'm happy to be here, and thanks for having me, I hope I can add a positive spin to any post I add my comments to.
Keep the rubber side down!
Brian S
West Bend, WI
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