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New member from the Baltimore area

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Hey guys, I'm Josh. I sell bikes for a local Honda dealer. I currently have a Honda 919 that I ride daily, as well as a 1978 Triumph Tiger. I also have a couple bike projects sitting around. I'm looking forward to my Grom's arrival in August. I'm a Mustang guy. My daily driver is a 2006 Mustang GT. I'm glad to have found, and look forward to getting to know you guys!
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Welcome to the forum. Good group of folks here.
Honda of Crofton?
That's whats up ... I lived in GB then Towson for a while ... just moved out to Seattle last month. I stopped in HOC several times just to poke my nose around =) bought some GN4 and whatnot lol
Looks like riders from the DMV are starting to grow!! How many do you guys plan on getting up there Josh?
My store will be getting three...unfortunately they're all pre deposited. lol they're going to be mad limited for the first year.
My store will be getting three...unfortunately they're all pre deposited. lol they're going to be mad limited for the first year.
Since you're fairly close to me, how much should i be expecting to pay OTD? I've gotten quoted 3750-4k, if you aren't able to really give me a number legally, then can you tell me if they are charging a bit much?
Well, I'm paying retail for mine, which comes to like $3950 ish otd. the way i see it, its worthspending the couple hundred dollars i might save by shopping around to guarantee a bike on the first shipment.
Hey Josh, glad your on here! It's James... With the first deposit at your shop.

Good to see you guys the other day, I love stopping by to chat with you guys.

I didn't know you also had a Triumph... I had my Thruxton up there with me, should have showed you.

See you again soon.
Hey James! Sorry John and i weren't able to talk long, we got called into a meeting. i saw the Thruxton, it lookef sweet! I've also seen pics of your 250. That thing is effing awesome.
Hey man, no prob. I will be by again soon to catch up.

Thanks for the kudos on the bikes, can't wait to get the Grom and start to work on it. :)
No prob man. What kind of top speed do you get out of your 250?
Real world riding (not tucked, laying on the tank or any of that)... 82mph top end on mostly flat with little to no wind. It cruises nice up to 72mph on hills, with wind, or whatever. I'm 175lbs and then also wear full gear and carry a 10-20lb backpack.

I'm still on stock gearing 14/40, some guys claim that regearing can net more but I don't need more. I mostly cruise at 60-65 or 70-75 on I-97 so it's plenty fast for me.
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