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New Gromster in NC

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Hey all! I am 55 years old and just bought a 2023 cherry red Grom. This is my n-teenth motorcycle (I have lost count). I have been riding for about 34 years now. I have a 2021 Honda Trail 125 as well. I saw so many cool videos on the Grom that it made me want to buy one and modify it. I live in central NC and I ride alone, mostly on curvy back country roads.
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Awesome! I agree, love those paved back roads where you dont get run over for doing 50mph. I havent ridden my Grom yet (but will soon) but the longest I have ridden my Trail 125 is about 50 miles. My butt and back just cant take it. You guys must do some epic rides!
The seat on the Monkey is pretty plush but the Grom and Trail, ouch! That would be cool, I ride alone 100% of the time because I dont ride far and I ride slow :D
1 - 3 of 6 Posts