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Figured i should stop trolling and make an introduction,

I picked up my grom last friday, drove 200 miles to get it

it pretty much was an impulse buy, i was in the market for a new bike, or rather wanting to add to my current garage

heres a few pictures of it loaded into my car(yes it fit)
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Trunk Motor vehicle

Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Tire Motorcycle

After i rode it like 5 miles, i didnt like how the throttle felt, so i adjusted the slack in the cable...
Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Tire

bikes all lined up
Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tire

TDM headlight, looks way more aggressive
Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Headlamp Vehicle Automotive tire

Motodynamic integrated sequential tail light

Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Tire Scooter

TDM headlight output, straight cutoff, i put in a brighter bulb, so it should be better at night
Automotive exterior Vehicle Car Mid-size car Trunk

main differences between the TDM and USDM headlights are circled, its missing the tab for the wire clip, and the smaller diameter lip for the headlight grommet
Automotive lighting Light Auto part Headlamp Bumper

since i dont have a plate yet, and i have a tail eliminator kit on the way i figured what the heck, i have all the necessary paperwork to be riding without a plate so yea... man this thing is starting to look good
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Automotive tire Car

things left on the to-do list:
-finish breaking it in
-oil change(again)
-handle bars

that is all, waiting for parts is getting excruciatingly sucky

That is all for now, might poke my head in from time to time, but im pretty mechanically adept so most if not all the work can be done by myself, in case you didnt notice the big ass toolbox in the corner i used to be a tech, now im a product designer so they just sit getting rusty so i gotta keep busy

for those interested, that is a 2011 Ducati monster 796, with lots of goodies, it will be nice to not have to pay $1000 for any particular parts and glad the aftermarket support for these exist and has a good following already

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Stop by and post up on a regular basis. Show us what mods you are doing.

I've had dozens of bikes but the little Grom is right at the top for fun.

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I'm not a new rider by any means, this is my second new bike but I've had a bunch of bikes sprinkled in and another half dozen I'd like to claim as my own since I've put more hours into getting them running than the owners actually spent riding them
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