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I am in Austin, TX and was on the lookout for a Grom. I had my deposit down in a small town about 4 hours away that said they would be getting them in any day. That went on for 3 or 4 weeks. Locally in Austin each dealer said they had about 10 deposits down and were only getting 2 or 3 a month. We started calling dealers all over the state to see if possibly there was a dealer that didn't know what they had etc. No luck in Texas.

Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas all had 10 or more deposits with very few bikes trickling in. Apparently Honda does not tell them when they are getting them either. They just show up.

Tired of waiting we started to call dealers in surrounding states. Arkansas had one, but that was pretty far. On a whim I started to call Louisiana dealers.. Amazingly almost every city we called in Louisiana had one or knew where one was. We ended up going to Lake Charles, LA about 20 miles outside of Texas. They had 2, just sitting there begging to be bought. They told us they don't advertise on the internet and that's probably why they still had them.

If anyone's still waiting/looking... Louisiana might be a good place to call!

Here she is, I absolutely LOVE my new Grom!!

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