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New Grom LED headlight setup

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have been messing around with some photos of the new LED headlight setup that im running on my grom and thought I would post it over here as well if anyone was interested. it puts the stock one to shame as it lights up the whole road and you can see farther and a wider range of view as well. not sure if that like to the Honda grom group facebook will work unless you're a member on it or not though=[ if you have a instagram I also have a short little clip of it running around the same parking lot Instagram if any of you would like some info on it or to possibly purchase the setup here is a link to the shop and feel free to ask them any questions you might have about it. SPORTBIKE LITES GROM LED CONVERSION KIT ...... they also have a HID setup that I should have a video soon with both of them next to each other so you can see the difference.
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Not sure if its the Gopro not catching all of the light output, but looks to have less light output than my stock ones.
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