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We have been busy the last year but the good news is some of that translated into a new seat for the Gen 1 Grom. It is a GP style seat that is based off the lowest portion of the OEM seat. I am offering a introductory Group Buy on it. We will be making a similar seat for the Gen 2 Grom and will offer a group buy when available. Here is the group buy terms:

I will open the group buy now and it will close December 18th at 11:59PM.
You will need to PM me the following info:
rider weight
cover type (Carbon/Gripper like shown or all Carbon)
Stitching comes in black like shown. (20.00 extra for colored stitch)
email address
city, state (for shipping cost, 19.95 continental US)
kit mailed to you or for us to install on your pan (extra 25.00 for us to install. you need to ship your pan to us)
1-5 seats 15% off msrp
6-10 seats 20% off msrp
11+ 30% off msrp

MSRP is 159.99 so discounts will be based off this price. All extras and shipping is not discounted.

Please supply all the info above as it adds too much time to chase down the answers.

Once the deadline comes I will email everyone a invoice or any questions the next day.

Thanks for your time. Honda Grom Gen 1 GP_small.jpg
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