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New exhaust / tires update

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Finally got my Michelin Power Pure SC's installed today, holy shit its a completely new bike. Like why doesn't everyone have these tires? You guys probably already knew that though so onto my question..

Going to install my FMF exhaust tuesday and I've been told to do an ECU reset. Should I install exhaust, ride it for a couple miles, then reset ECU? OR just reset ECU when doing the exhaust?
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i wood jus reset it.i did it before on my busa.eazy!
Turn ignition switch off, remove seat, remove DLC (Data Link Connector?) cover, short DLC terminals using the special tool (The pins to reset the ECU are attached to the Green and Blue wires on the harness. ) , open the throttle grip fully and hold, turn on ignition switch. The MIL light should come on and start blinking rapidly, with in 5 seconds after rapid blinking starts close the throttle grip and hold for more than 3 seconds.

Good luck
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